Personal Finance Specialist

Personal Finance Specialist, Author & Speaker

Drithi Sunil, personal finance specialist and lauded author of “Make Yourself Count,” believes in the transformative power of knowledge. Committed to a mission of continuous education and empowerment, she has found her personal and professional niche in consulting. As a strategy and finance associate working for a first generation, family-operated business, she is passionate about putting the financial power back into the hands of the people. Applying a keen eye for opportunity, and careful attention to detail, she guides her clients as they capitalize on their financial potential.


Drithi obtained her Bachelor of Business Management with a focus on Finance from the Center for Management Studies at Jain University Bangalore in 2013. For nearly half a decade, she has used her indomitable work ethic and characteristically positive attitude to achieve each and every goal she’s set for herself. Outside the office, Drithi is an avid yoga practitioner. She also enjoys relaxing with swimming, or getting a new perspective by travelling to new and exciting destinations.